8 PM to Midnight
Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006

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ICEBOX GALLERY presents: “Caught in the Act” Juried Show of Photographs of People "Caught in the Act" of Taking Photographs.

Exhibit curated by photographer and gallery owner Howard M. Christopherson.

This began as a call for entries looking for photographs of people "Caught in the Act" of picture taking. It became an exhibit of 64 diverse photographs by 45 photographers from all over the United States.

This collection of photographs brings attention to the ever increasingly common act of picture taking in the world.  Also evident in this exhibition is the varied use of the same subject matter used in a way to document intimate realities, tell stories and illuminate visual fantasies.

Some images in this exhibit are self-portraits, focused on a reflection showing them holding the camera that is making the picture. Another approach is using humor and Photoshop to superimpose themselves holding a camera and taking pictures inside the image of a famous painting. Some images are older images made many years ago, others were made with this exhibit in mind. Two under water photographers documented fellow their scuba-geared fellows in the act of photographing sea animals. Another photograph shows a hungry Great White Shark taking the bait right next to a boat load of camera wielding photographers, leaning precariously over the boat for a close-up of the crushing teeth. Other images include super models on the cat-walk being photographed, mobs of the paparazzi photographing Ron Howard on the red carpet at a movie premiere, a soldier in Iraq using a disposable camera to document a view of the war, a funny shot of a nude photographer photographing a clothed woman, and lots more… 

This fascinating exhibit exposes many ways that photography has become a part of our daily life and many ways that conspicuous sight of a photographer at work alone can, in itself, be a captivating and revealing subject to photograph.

In this exhibit the hunter becomes the hunted.

Will Agar
Christa Bahr
Karl B. Blomseth
Wendy Houser Blomseth
Margo Cavis
Howard Christopherson
Paul Adrian Davies
Amy Dienes
Anne P. Fisher
Frederick W. Fisher, Jr.
Chase Z. Foreman
Flo Fox
Tim Francisco
Gerald C. Gerads
Martha Grenon
Glenn Hagen
Kristin Lorraine Herbster
Norton M. Hintz
Dan Hittleman
Christine Holbert
E. Katie Holm
Julie E. Jason
Mindy Jones
Sid Kaplan
Randy Karels
Richard K. Kent
Marj Kyriopoulos
Norbert Marklin
Leslie Matton-Flynn
Dan McCormack
Maya McCormack
Aaron McLeod
Charlie Morey
Toby Old
Shirley Pasternak
Joseph A. Rosen
William Bryant Rozier
Daniel Schultz
Jes Lee
Joseph A. Staudenbaur
Erika Stone
Carolyn Toye
Bill Vaccaro
Mike White
Angelique Wickland

Show continues thru Saturday, January 6th, 2007

See the show online
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Caught in the Act

Sidebar photo - detail from "My Picture You Take" by William Rozier