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2010 Highway 12 Road-Trip Photography Workshop

June 10-11-12-13 & July 15-16-17-18

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Join a photography workshop that begins in Minneapolis. Participants drive caravan style and photograph along the way to Lily, South Dakota. The small town of Lily will become the base camp for the workshop.

This unique opportunity provides encouragement, instruction, critique, and inspiration to bring out your own personal creative expression stimulated from fellow photographers and the wide-open mid-western countryside in the rain or shine.

Leave from Minneapolis in the early morning. Drive alone or we will help to arrange a car pool. There will be several photo opportunities along the way and a lunch stop. The drive is almost entirely on Highway 12, The Yellowsone Trail, a beautiful two-lane road that passes through many small towns and picturesque farmland.

Lily is located 250 miles from Minneapolis on a plateau between Aberdeen and Water Town near the eastern South Dakota border with Minnesota. Lily is now a ghost town of the past surrounded by farmland under a big sky. The surrounding area is made up of smoothly shaped hills, tree groves, gravel roads, lakes, raptors, waterfowl, pheasants, deer, farm animals and giant fields of crops. Close to Lily you will find abandoned buildings, animals, prairie churches and many lakes. The light around sunset and sunrise is wonderful for photography.

Lily has a current population of only 4 people at this time. Lily began in the 1860’s and peaked with a population around 200 people. Howard Christopherson now owns a small cottage on the main street in Lily. (Now Called - The Lily Pad) The town has a small museum with artifacts from the past right next door to the Lily Pad. The town also has two churches, preserved Post Office, a classic town hall, an American Legion Hall, grave yard and several abandoned buildings.

Lodging choices include pioneer style tent camping in Lily, a rustic farmhouse that can be rented in Lily or we can help you choose a hotel in nearby Bristal or Webster. (About 15-17 miles from Lily)

We encourage you to experiment on this workshop and use film cameras and digital if you have both. We will review work during the workshop, digital equipment is needed for that. Shooting with film is your option. A laptop computer and photographic software is recommended. Viewing can be done on the guest photographer's computers if you do not have your own laptop.

Desired group size of 8 – 12 people. Meals included: 2 BBQ dinner meals, 2 country style breakfasts served homestyle at the Lily Pad.


Highway 12 Road-Trip Photography Workshop 2010
with Howard Christopherson and three guest photographers.

Here are the 2010 Guest Photographers!

*Will Agar / June & July*
"Along with photography, I've always had an interest in history and the way things were." -Agar Along with photography, I've always had an interest in history and the way things were. My work is a collection of photographs that document, in a poetic way, places and things either gone or fast fading. I have been active in the making and exhibiting of photographs since the early 1970s. My work is found in the local collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Weisman Museum, Minnesota State Historical Society, and in the national collection of the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York. I’ve exhibited as far away as Romania and have work in the Museo de Pontevedra in Galicia, Spain. I’ve taught photography at North Hennepin Community College since 1975 and am also an adjunct member of the University of Minnesota.
Will's past show here:

Tom Quinn Kumpf / June*
“Photography is the process, the connection, that provides the passion that fuels me. With my art, as with my life, emphasis is placed on the pure and simple, the directness of living.”
Born in 1947, Tom Quinn Kumpf grew up in a working-class Irish neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer, writer, poet, and storyteller , his work has appeared in numerous publications and in exhibitions throughout the US, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. He is author of eight award-winning books including Children of Belfast, Ireland: Standing Stones to Stormont, and Two Sides: Haiku and Other Words. He works primarily in documentary, travel, and fine-art photography, teaches photo classes and workshops, and serves as a consultant for photo projects and exhibitions. He has worked in thirty-two different countries and has led photo tours in East Africa, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Ireland. He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.
Tom's two past exhibits here:

*Umberto Stefanelli / June*
Umberto Stefanelli is a Italian photographer who lives on the Mediterranean Sea near Rome. Umberto developed his artistic skills in New York, where he lived for several years. Since that time he has discovered new inspirations in Japan and China. He has traveled extensively to other parts of the world. Umbertoís photography often involves 8x10 Polaroid film and transferring the images to paper. Each image is unique and created by separating the gelatin layer of the film and adhering it to fine art paper, sometimes combining and layering with gold and silver leaf or different kind of papers. (Even $ Currency) Steffanelli has exhibited and published in Europe, USA, China and Japan. Projects include work with: Polaroid, Leviís LíOREAL, Nokia, Epson, Grey Group, Young & Rubicam, Nippon TV, ZOOM Magazine. His work is included in the Polaroid Collection, in the Brescia National Museum of Photography in Italy, in the Lishui Museum of Photography in China and in other public and private collections. Umberto exhibited in the Icebox Skin Show and will exhibit his eight new images for the first time in the USA

*Sid Kaplan / July*
Sid Kaplan was born in the South Bronx of New York City in 1938. At the age of ten, he saw a black and white print develop in a darkroom. The experience hypnotized him and he began his life-long career of photographing and printing. Kaplan loves the hunt and the search for meaning that only street photography allows, and he is equally enamored with what he calls "the magic" of making a black and white print.
Sid's past show here:

*David J. Eisenlord / July*
Most of my photography has been around large bodies of water such as Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. On my first photography trip to South Dakota, on the Hwy 12 workshop in 2007, I discovered that the Great Plains share much of what I love about the Great Lakes. It is inspiring to take in the immense scale, the endless sky, the solitude, and the absence of sounds other than the wind. I can immediately relate to why the Great Plains were sacred to the Sioux, just as the Great Lakes were to the Ojibwa. I'm looking forward to returning to the workshop as an instructor in 2010. The Hwy 12 workshop provides not only wonderful opportunities for making photographs but also the opportunity to spend time in a special place learning new artistic and technical skills and making new friends who share your passion.
David's two past shows here:




Workshop Images & Quote

"I’m glad you are getting a good response to your workshop.
It was a privilege to have the opportunity to shoot with you and
observe your style and interaction with those you photographed.
I very much appreciated all the great advice I got on the Road Trip."
Best of luck, Laura (pictured above)

Howard M. Christopherson and Guest Photographers.

Join us in 2011 Sorry / Registration Closed
for 2010.

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