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Opening: Saturday February 28,
8 p.m. - Midnight.

Closes: July 24, 2004

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New Photography

ICEBOX GALLERY presents: New Photography, a juried exhibit of 22 large scale images by Minnesota photographers. The New Photography Exhibit was printed by True Tone Imaging using a Colorspan 60" 11 color inkjet printer. The images were printed on Permacolor 310lb., 100% rag watercolor paper using Endurachrome inks. The longevity rating on this paper and ink combination is 70 years.
See the exhibit online - Notes on the Exhibit by Howard M. Christopherson

True Tone Imaging
Anthony & John Twiggs of True Tone Imaging and their large format printer

The New Photography exhibit resulted from a state wide call for entries. From the call, 391 photographic images were submitted by 47 photographers. The sole juror, and owner of Icebox Gallery, Howard Christopherson, selected 22 images by 14 photographers. Each of the photographs selected has never been exhibited before and were exposed within the year of 2003. All the selected images were then printed digitally in large scale at no cost to the photographers by True Tone Imaging of Minneapolis. The juror sized and selected images to be specifically designed to fit within the new Icebox Gallery space. Styles include: B/W and color photographs, abstract assemblages, landscapes, portraits and staged images.

The 14 participating photographers:
Chuck Avery
Doug Beasley
Bill Cameron
David J. Eisenlord
Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin
Adam Hokom
Jason W. Lemkuil
Brian Lesteberg
Norbert Marklin
Daniel Marshall
Wayne Martin
Polly Norman
Nathan Haase
Brian Tanning

Group photo on opening night

Opening: Saturday, February 28, 8 p.m. - Midnight
Closes: July 24, 2004

This exhibit is cosponsored by:
Icebox Quality Framing & Gallery
True Tone Imaging LLC
Walter Albertson:Visualizer, Graphic Arts and Web Design
Paul Sigurdson - Counselor Reality
& James Page Brewery.


Notes on the New Photography Exhibit
by Howard M. Christopherson

In a world of struggles and on going human conflicts, each one of us is bombarded daily with sad news, often left holding the bag and forced to make difficult decisions. So... when a collaborative project comes around and it works as well as this one, with 14 photographers and 2 printers involved, it’s a good day to stop for a moment, and reflect on art, beauty and the joy shared when people get along and work well together to make something big happen. This show "is" something big!

When I put the call out for new images and created the guidelines for entering I had no idea which photographers would respond and what kind of images I would see. Since many of the proposals came in at the deadline, I had moments when I wondered if I might have to cancel the project. The packets of slides and artwork that came in before the deadline where processed but I did not even peek at them, because I wanted to stay as neutral as possible before I would do the selecting.

Being the only person to make the selection has it’s advantages, I am the gallery owner and will be involved in the sales of the prints. It also means that my choices will inevitably disappoint some and I will have to send out rejection notices to the photographers that had entered good work. Many of them are my friends. This is a serious job, but it also one with many limits attached. This competition was for Minnesota photographers only, that created the first limit. The gallery size and wall space is a limiting factor. Artwork entered in group shows can end up relating, complimenting or conflicting with some of the other pieces. Some images stand alone, other pieces need two or three examples to really get the idea across. Photographers who got rejected may have reached a limit along the way, beginning with quality or in the end, how well does it fit into this evolving group show.

John and Tony Twiggs (the brothers Twigg as I call them) at True Tone did a phenomenal job making the prints along side this diverse group of photographers. Following an experience like this one, each day testing their limits of machines, software and computer skills they are ready for any project you might bring. They completed this project successfully and met the deadline of the show. It is the True Tone commitment to quality combined with an understanding of the importance given to each photographer’s image, down to the smallest detail, that really made the difference.

Icebox framing staff, Josh, Dea and myself have had the pleasure of seeing the finished pieces before anyone else. Each time a new print was finished and framed we stopped and admired it. The scale of the pictures created challenges for framing. All the photographers voted as a group to frame the show in the same frame and the resulting cohesiveness leads the viewer smoothly from one image to the next.

Graphics and Website
From the beginning Walter Albertson has been involved in this show. He created the wonderful image seen on the post card invitation, website and posters. Walter started with a microscopic image showing the collision of atomic particles and went from there with it. The graphic also has a lens and a futuristic look with patterns that connect well to a showing of digitally printed photography. A person is also found in his design. Even with the help of machines like cameras and digital printers, it all comes down to human emotions, passions and desire that make art. The display on the website is wonderful to look at and easy to navigate.

Paul Sigurdson approached me when I was in the midst of moving the gallery with a very generous offer. Paul wanted to help the gallery celebrate it’s new location by sponsoring a party. I was surprised and speechless when he told me his idea. I said "Paul...hold that idea, I like it but I need time to think about how to make the best of it." I was heavy into moving, building walls and painting the new space at the time. It was from this seed of generosity that I began forming this project and what has now become an exhibit. Paul is a very good friend and a lover of art and photography. He was a major player in the inspiration of the show and a generous contributor to the printing and postal costs required to get the word out. Need to buy or sell a home? Call Paul Sigurdson at Counselor Realty.

James Page Brewery has it’s offices located in the same building as our studio. A match made in N. E. Minneapolis Heaven! James Page is a wonderful award winning local micro brew who offered generously to help us out by satisfying the thirst of the opening night guests.

True Tone LLC generously produced the first prints used in this exhibit at no cost to the photographers. This act alone helped insure the success of the exhibit. It helped attract talented photographers and made a consistency in print quality possible. Need printing? Call John or Tony.

Walter Albertson donated his graphic and web skills to this project. Walter intuitively created many useful materials and helped us be seen world wide on the web. His creative contributions to this project are immensely valuable. Walter the wizard can help you or your organization with graphic art and web production.

Icebox Picture Framing donated much of the cost and expertise to produce a show of large picture frames. The consistency in having all the work framed alike contributes to the successful affect of the exhibit and the discounted framing costs helped the photographers attain a very attractive presentation and leaves them with some money for their next roll of film. We would love to be your picture framer!

The Future
I discovered that this show is compressed in the Icebox space, since I choose to maximize the size of prints the gallery is filled wall to wall with pictures. Even if it is sometimes hard to stand back ten feet and see the big prints it is still a good environment because this is first home to these images. I have come to think of this show as something like a rose opening slowly and here at Icebox the rose is still tightly wound but it is blooming! Now that it is complete we are hoping that we can tour this exhibit and give many more people the chance to experience this artwork by these talented Minnesota photographers. If you have any ideas or leads for us involving places to tour this exhibit contact the gallery.

All of the images in this exhibit are for sale. Each image has a price calculated directly from the cost of its production and is intended to very attractive to the collector. Each print is made at this large size in a small limited edition of 25. After the first 15 prints are sold of any image included, the sale price will increase for the remaining 10 images. Please contact Icebox Gallery for additional information about how you can obtain one or more of these wonderful images. Icebox can pack and ship artwork framed or unframed, in addition we accept lay-a-ways up to 3 months, check, Visa and MasterCard to help make purchasing fine art photography easy.
Icebox Quality Framing & Gallery survives on art and framing sales, your purchases help us develop new exhibits and create new opportunities, please consider a purchase of a fine art photograph and frame it at Icebox today.

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