Icebox Framing and Gallery Gallery

People, Places & Dreams
Volume II

Black & white photography by
Howard M. Christopherson

I continue to work in these three categories; People, Places and Dreams. This group of additions to the web site include many new images and some older work not yet published on the web.

The Exhibit has three sections: People Places Dreams




Howard M. Christopherson Owner, Artist & Master Framer


The portrait created within a personal space is still very important to me. New images created in 1999 continue my series of special moments of a wide spectrum of people. Consider outsider artist "Mari Newman" armed with her brushes and pens in her kitchen / studio, a prolific artist who makes everything into art including her house. I love the contrasts created when comparing the extremes of "Norman and Jaculine" with the heartfelt image of the proud Grandfather "Robert Lohse." The image of my mother "Mom on Her 80th Birthday" is difficult to look at, but it is an important reminder of a long struggle with emphysema (she passed away in 1999). The sense of humor in "Aunt Margaret, The Hat Lady of Windom" reminds all of us to indulge in life's simple pleasures.

I traveled early in 2000 to New York City. I went there to attend the AIPAD Photography Show. I spent time walking and exploring the streets with my camera. I only shot about 2 rolls of film the whole trip but I managed to capture some interesting window displays in Times Square ("Her Ghost in Times Square"), a fascinating combination graffiti / advertisement from somewhere near Little Italy ("Lonely People"), and a contemplative image of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on display in the MOMA.

I traveled with Doug Beasley and friends on another Vision Quest to the Badlands of South Dakota in May. I created many new figurative Dreamscapes on this trip. Working with a group of models led me to create such storytelling works as "Mending the Human Heart". Beauty, sensuality and the inner spirituality glows from the talented model Janell in images like "Day Dream", "Janell" and "Sunset." This opportunity also gave me the chance to work with a male model. Some strong images developed out of working with David: "Without God," "Alone with Only Memories" and "The Nest." On a cool stormy night model Heather and I created these two mysterious images: "Night Flight" and "Desert Ghost". I continue to be inspired in South Dakota; we had a wonderful time.

Other additions include several from outdoor sessions in the fall of 1999. The Adam and Eve metaphor "Tempting the Apple" and the apocalyptic "Broken Dream" are particularly interesting. Sensual works like "Island Moment", "Hiding in the Shade", and "Holding Your Heart" also came from these productive shoots. Some studio work over the winter got me in the mood to experiment and have some fun. Humor was intended in my homage to the infamous pin-up artist Gil Elvgren in my image "Looking Back". I hope to add more illustrative images like this in the future. I have been continuing to make negative prints paired with their original positive as in the two images titled "Nude."

I wanted to include some older works that deserve the web exposure. "It's Only Money I and II" tell untold stories and sensual images like "The Twist" and "The Vault" revel in the beauty of the female form.