Icebox Framing and Gallery Photography by Howard M. Christopherson
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  Mark Steenerson İHMC 2001  
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I photographed Mark in his home in North Minneapolis where he was caring for his elderly mother. I photographed him in his bedroom with his very old cat. Mark opened a photography gallery on the West Bank area of Minneapolis back in 1968. He displayed artists such as Ansel Adams and Eduard Weston in his gallery, which was converted from part of the house he lived in. Mark spent his early years traveling and photographing people he often saw from his car window, and was inspired by the work of Robert Frank and the book "The Americans." He kept a first edition copy of that book under the seat of his car. In the picture you can see his favorite CD by Hank Williams, an early picture of his mother, a part of his favorite image framed, a half empty jar of water, and his Lieca camera.